The 50s

Inventiveness and dexterity

In the mid-1950s, Ernesto di Fiore, gifted with particular inventiveness and dexterity with regard to construction in reinforced concrete, invented and began to build his first prefabricated ovens. Built in the workshop under his own home, the first ovens were sold to local families . Compared to the old brick structures, they immediately proved to be easy to assemble, cheap, functional and above all they cooked bread, pizza and an infinite number of foods excellently.

The 60s

Il Forno Napoli

Il Forno Napoli is a high quality wood-burning oven, inspired by the culinary tradition of the Neapolitan city. Characterized by a spherical shape and a top quality refractory brick structure, the Forno Napoli guarantees excellent heat distribution, allowing you to obtain perfectly cooked, crunchy and tasty pizzas.

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A growing market

In the mid-60s the first pizzerias with a wood-burning oven arose on the Adriatic coast and the Di Fiore company built, also with the help of the pizza makers themselves, a model of oven suitable for this particular use. From the success of these ovens and the continuous purchase requests Ernesto's sons, Giorgio and Alessandro, built a new factory in 1974 and began mass production.

  • Quality materials

    the use of top quality refractory bricks guarantees superior heat resistance and durability compared to other materials

  • Versatility

    Di Fiore ovens are suitable not only for cooking pizza, but also for many other dishes such as bread, roasts, focaccia and desserts.

  • Customisation

    the artisans of Di Fiore Forni offer the possibility to customize their ovens, both in terms of size and design, to meet the specific needs of the customers.