Professional and domestic ovens for over 50 years

The oven has always been a fundamental element in the preparation of bread and other foods. The wood-burning oven: a dive into history and culinary traditions. The gas oven for those who love ease of use. The electric oven for innovation.

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Professional ovens

High quality professional ovens for demanding chefs. Reliability, exceptional performance and versatility in the kitchen.

Domestic ovens

Discover our selection of reliable and versatile models, designed to meet all your culinary needs.
  • Wood ovens

    Discover the magic of cooking with wood, transferring smoky flavor and intense aroma to your dishes. Explore the types, materials and tips to make the most of these versatile cooking tools. Enjoy the charm of cooking by the fire.

  • Gas ovens

    Fast, efficient and delicious. Perfect for restaurants and pizzerias, they offer uniform and rapid cooking of pizzas thanks to precise temperature control. Save time and get professional results with these convenient and affordable ovens.

  • Electric Ovens

    comfortable, precise and versatile. Ideal for the home kitchen, they offer uniform and rapid cooking thanks to digital temperature control. Customize the settings and prepare crispy pizzas and delicious desserts. Make your kitchen modern and efficient with an electric oven.

  • Rotating Plane

    With this technology, your pizzas will be cooked evenly and crispy over the entire surface. The rotating hob ensures even heat distribution, eliminating any burn spots or uneven cooking. Furthermore, the rotary movement allows quick and precise cooking, reducing preparation times.


Ovens for pizzerias

Made with high quality materials and equipped with cutting-edge technologies, these ovens are able to reach high temperatures and maintain uniform heat distribution, allowing you to cook perfectly crispy and tasty pizzas.

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Di Fiore Forni

Bakery Ovens

We offer a wide range of bread baking options, from traditional wood-fired ovens to modern electric solutions.

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Garden ovens

Built with weatherproof materials and characterized by innovative technologies, they guarantee excellent performance. With high temperatures and uniform heat, they allow you to cook tasty dishes outdoors.

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Di Fiore Forni


Essential to enhance your cooking experience. Shovels for baking, brushes for cleaning, trays and refractory stones for cooking and much more.

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All our experience at the service of your quality

Di Fiore is a testament to the commitment to excellence. With high quality materials, innovative design and reliable performance, they offer extraordinary cooking results and meet the expectations of the most demanding chefs. Di Fiore ovens: the secret to creating unforgettable culinary experiences.

  • Of bread and pizza

    From renowned Italian kitchens to internationally renowned restaurants, our ovens are synonymous with excellence and superior performance. Join our global family of cooking enthusiasts and discover the art of baking with Di Fiore Forni.

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    Discover our news and stay informed about new products, partnerships, events and culinary trends. We are proud to share our passions and successes in the gastronomy sector with you.

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