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"Il Forno Napoli: Innovation meets Tradition in Cooking Pizzas" is the professional wood-burning oven for pizzerias that combines the authentic flavor of Neapolitan pizza with the most advanced cooking technology. Thanks to its rotating top, this oven guarantees homogeneous and precise cooking, ensuring perfect pizzas with each use.

Available with gas burner options, digital display and in the revolutionary electric version, the Forno Napoli offers absolute control over cooking temperature and times, for impeccable and constant results. Personalize your Forno Napoli by choosing between the classic steel version, the refined combination of mosaic and steel, or the very latest electric version to meet the needs of your restaurant and amaze your customers with the quality and unmistakable flavor of your pizzas.

Choose Forno Napoli to bring the true tradition of Neapolitan pizza into your restaurant and the technological innovation that guarantees excellent results and the satisfaction of your customers.

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    • Quality of materials

      The use of top quality refractory bricks guarantees superior heat resistance and durability compared to other materials.

    • Versatility

      Di Fiore ovens are suitable not only for cooking pizza, but also for many other dishes such as bread, roasts, focaccia and desserts.

    • Personalization

      The artisans of Di Fiore Forni offer the possibility to customize their ovens, both in terms of size and design, to meet the specific needs of the customers.

    Your choice is Naples

    An avant-garde solution in the world of catering and bakery. The "Dome" is a stunning combination of elegant design and innovative technology, engineered to deliver outstanding performance and superior quality results.

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    • Functional display

      An innovative interface that combines advanced features with an intuitive user experience. Designed to offer precise and easy control of cooking operations.

    • Ampia apertura

      With its wide opening, it facilitates the insertion and removal of dishes, offering convenient accessibility to express your gastronomic creativity.

    • Quality materials

      The dome is made with the best refractory material. Its high quality composition ensures even heat distribution for perfect cooking.