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Di Fiore Forni




Capacità pizze


Explore our prefabricated oven with customizable door options: the ideal solution for making your favorite dishes with style and efficiency. You can choose between the traditional door, for a classic and timeless design, or the door with ceramic glass and thermometer, to precisely monitor the temperature and ensure optimal cooking. The oven is available both with and without a prefabricated hood, allowing you to adapt it perfectly to your aesthetic needs and preferences. Make your kitchen a welcoming and functional environment with this prefabricated oven with exceptional performance and tailor-made details for you. Experiment with new recipes and delight your guests' palates with the unmistakable flavor of dishes cooked in our high-quality oven.

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  • Qualità dei materiali

    L'utilizzo di mattoni refrattari di prima qualità garantisce una resistenza al calore e una durata nel tempo superiori rispetto ad altri materiali.

  • Versatilità

    I forni Di Fiore sono adatti non solo alla cottura della pizza, ma anche a quella di molti altri piatti come pane, arrosti, focacce e dolci.

  • Personalizzazione

    Gli artigiani di Di Fiore Forni offrono la possibilità di personalizzare i propri forni, sia in termini di dimensioni che di design, per soddisfare le esigenze specifiche dei clienti.

Processing and assembly

Home Kit by Di Fiore Forni is a high quality handmade product, made with first choice materials and with attention to the smallest details. The assembly and manufacturing process guarantees the highest quality of the product. The video shows the various stages of the assembly and manufacturing process, from the choice of raw materials to cooking in the oven. The video is a unique opportunity to discover the behind the scenes of the production of one of the most popular ovens in the world.