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"Il Forno Roma: The Art of Pizza in a Unique Rotating Oven" is a professional wood-fired pizza oven that combines the tradition of wood-fired cooking with an advanced rotating surface, ensuring flawless and uniform cooking of the pizzas. Available with gas burner options and digital display, this oven offers absolute control over cooking temperature and timing for amazing results every time.

The Forno Cupola is available in three different versions, from the classic mosaic dome to the modern metal dome and hood, allowing you to customize the design of the oven to adapt perfectly to the room environment. Choose the Forno Cupola to delight your customers with delicious pizzas with an authentic flavour, cooked in an oven with an unmistakable style and great visual impact.

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    • Quality of materials

      The use of top quality refractory bricks guarantees superior heat resistance and durability compared to other materials.

    • Versatility

      Di Fiore ovens are suitable not only for cooking pizza, but also for many other dishes such as bread, roasts, focaccia and desserts.

    • Customisation

      The artisans of Di Fiore Forni offer the possibility to customize their ovens, both in terms of size and design, to meet the specific needs of the customers.